Friday, May 4, 2012

The Monk by Amy Gerrard

The Monk
By Amy Gerrard
Reviewed by Kathy Bobo            

I could visualize the monastery from the wonderful descriptions. One could almost hear the Monk’s at Vespers and chants while reading Amy Gerrard’s short-story, The Monk. The author could have added more to the story.  She could have given the reader more information such as his name, what order he belongs to and his location.
The Monk is told from one single point of view and one character, The Monk. It would have added more drama if there had been interaction between the Monk and another character.  The author leaves two hanging mysteries, “They had plunged him into darkness, eternal darkness. And he had
remained there until.....”

Amy Gerrard could have added much more to explain the Monk’s relationship with Erin. Such as what happened, “He allowed himself a brief pleasure as he thought of ‘Erin’, one of the girls from the village that he had so loved. Although secret and considered profane before the teachings of the brothers, he had delighted in her company.”

The story so abruptly breaks away, that there is no time to consider whether the main character is saint or a sinner. As a story, The Monk has a good premise, but with more development, it would make an interesting and intriguing full length novel.

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