Friday, March 8, 2013

Secret Sin: Murder in the Church Volume 1

In the middle of the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Detective Virginia Breeze is drawn into the world of religion and Lottery Games after the Deacon of a world renowned, Mega Church is found dead in the baptismal pool.

Against this high profile backdrop, Detective Breeze is lured into a web of deceit of a mysterious serial killer, she is drawn into the worldwide ministry of famed Pastor Shawn Graves and within a landscape of wealth, power and influence after a winning lottery ticket valued at $1 Billion Dollars is discovered in the Sunday Morning Collection Plate.

She follows a blood trail of clues left like breadcrumbs along a rugged path of jagged edged rocks: My cup runs over…What would you do if you saw someone put a lottery ticket into the church collection plate and you found out later is was the grand prize winner of $1 billion dollars?

I shall not want…Would you put a billion dollar winning lottery ticket into your church’s collection plate?

Yea though I want though the valley of the shadow of death…What would you do if you walked into church and found the deacon of your church dead in the baptismal pool?

Lead us not into temptation…What would you do if you saw a dead man sitting on the front pew of your church with a $1 billion dollar winning lottery ticket in his hand?

Detective Breeze rushes to find the winning lottery ticket and a cold blooded killer before he kills again.

Find out what happens next in Secret Sins: Murder in the Church. Available in bookstore’s everywhere.