Sunday, January 20, 2013

Secret Sins: Murder in the Church

Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret Sins: Murder in the Church

The first of a four part series, Secret Sins: Murder in the Church is set to be released on December 13, 2012 and it will be available in paperback and Kindle from

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Immortal Beloved.

August 01, 2012
Kat’s Tale
Undying Love Vampire Series: Book 1
By Teresa Mummert
Review by Kathy Bobo

                Katie or rather Kat as she prefers to be called is the main character of Kat’s Tale Undying Live Vampire Series by Teresa Mummert.  Thinking of Vampires congers memories of the long held myths of Vampires, such as being able kill them with wooden stakes through the heart, driving them away with garlic and crucifixes and their insatiable craving for human blood.  In the past, Vampires were always the personification of evil, but not anymore. These forces of nature now enjoy the same constitutional rights of mortals, have their own blood banks, have careers and have romantic relationships.  Kat’s Tale opens with the main character Kat’s, dark night of the soul on the edge of a hotel roof about to commit suicide over the murder of her brother, “I stood on the ledge of my hotel’s roof. I kicked my sandals off and watched them flutter to the ground below. They disappeared into the darkness of the night. I hoped I would be as lucky.” Of course Kat changes her mind at the last minute, and that’s a good thing as the entire novel eventually proves.  
                Kat’s Tale has two romantic interests, her boyfriend Gavin and Caleb. Both Gavin and Caleb are great characters in which Kat finds herself torn between a protective, yet party loving Gavin and the mysterious Caleb.  Caleb brings out feelings of sympathy, fright, compassion and love. From the beginning the reader is teased into wanting to know, who in the heck is Caleb and what is he about? 
                The main character seems to have been living in some sort of bubble that she never knew about vampires. Caleb saves her butt on more than one occasion for what can only be described as the Vampire Mafia. She quickly learns not everyone is what they appear and every person dead is not gone, including her brother, Marcus. Kat learns all debts are due at the door, and payments are to be made in full, “A debt of two vampires for the two he killed.”
                Author, Teresa Mummert ‘s Kat’s Tale Undying Love Vampire Series: Book 1 ends in classic cliff hanger style that leaves the reader wanting more of every woman’s ideal man, Caleb.